Born in Lincolnshire, now living and working in Suffolk.

BA (Hons) Fine Art

Member of Ipswich Art Society

Member of the Public Monuments and Sculpture Association



Growing up in Lincolnshire I spent many hours with my grandfather a sculptor and stonemason. This experience has kindled a life long attraction to art especially sculpture and 3D work. After a busy career, which I left in order to help my husband start his business, I decided to follow my dream and undertook a full time 3 year degree course in Fine Art.



Since graduating I have developed my work across a range of disciplines: drawing, painting, sculpture and a small amount of printwork. Sculpture is taking up the majority of my time. I am working mainly on the female form, exploring what it is to be a woman.


However, my most proud achievement has been the public art commission ‘Innocence’ a stone sculpture commissioned by Ipswich Borough Council Parks Department which can be seen in Christchurch Park, Ipswich.


Public art interests me in particular because of its fusing of public, artist and place. It engages with people who have not necessarily elected to view art, as they would visiting an art gallery.



Surrounded by a very diverse, inspiring, rural and coastal landscape it pervades my work. Captured quickly outside with charcoal drawings and then painted whilst the memory and feelings are still present. My painting ‘Through the hedge’ is one example of this approach. My work is also influenced by the mood of a place, the impact of strong colours and the dynamics of architectural shapes.


I don't feel driven in one particular direction, art for me is a continuing exploration of the world around me and my reaction to it. I learn a lot about myself in the process. Research and context is an important part of what i do especially with more major works such as my sculpture in Christchurch Park Ipswich.


Overall I try to create a spontaneous and expressive interpretation of the world around me.


“making art is a path not a destination”  Michael Craig-Martin RA